Apple CarPlay for Lexus - Enhanced Infotainment

Few things compare with the feeling of cruising in your favorite vehicle on the smooth road at the end of the prosperous week. We have all seen this shot in one movie or another. It is so satisfying movie-makers keep using it over and over again. Yet, when some might have thought that the perfection was achieved, technological improvements can make things even better. You favorite vehicle is no exception. If you happen to be a lucky owner of Lexus, this article is for you.

Aftermarket upgrades to your vehicles infotainment center can make driving so much more of a pleasant experience. Especially with the Lexus Apple CarPlay upgrade. With the Apple CarPlay for Lexus, you can access all your favorite apps, listen to music, make calls, and get directions, all while keeping your eyes on the road. Our model device fits all the models made since 2014. 

Apple CarPlay For Lexus - Main Benefits

With our aftermarket upgrade device, you get Apple CarPlay's intuitive interface in your vehicle. All of a sudden, staying connected to and entertained by your favorite apps or podcasts becomes possible, even on the road. Moreover, you can make make hands-free calls and even send text messages using Siri. Apple CarPlay for Lexus, truly enables you to stay in touch with friends and family without ever having to take your hands off the wheel.

Additionally, with aftermarket Apple CarPlay, you can also access your favorite music and audiobooks. Be it Apple Music, Spotify or any other app, now you can blast the music through your Lexus' speakers. Prefer reading books? - You can listen to audible on to go, or have Siri read it to you. 

Besides awesome integration into your vehicles audio system, aftermarket Apple CarPlay for Lexus also offers navigation integration. The Maps app provides turn-by-turn directions. Moreover, you can always search for nearby gas stations, restaurants hotels or other points of interest. Additionally, you can also ask Siri to provide directions to a specific location.

With all the enhanced performance that come with aftermarket Apple CarPlay for Lexus, there is one additional perk. With the upgrade you also retain all the default features your vehicle came with. These characteristics 
are consistent across all Lexus models that support CarPlay. There may be variations in the way the interface is presented depending on the model of your vehicle.  

The aftermarket Carplay upgrade really is an excellent addition to any compatible Lexus model. It allows you to stay connected, informed and entertained while driving. Upgrade with our device for the ultimate in-car experience. Feel free to check your vehicle compatibility or clarify installation questions via our Aftermarket Carplay - free consultation form

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