Apple CarPlay for Maserati Quattroporte 2004-2009



Vendor: Mozart Electronics


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Apple CarPlay for Maserati Quattroporte 2004-2009

This item can be sell ONLY with installation

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- dual system: CarPlay system + Mirror Link
- CPU: Same as the phone configuration
- resolution: Same as the original screen
- maps: Sygic, IGO, Google, third party
- voice control: Mobile ? Siri ?
- support: 360 camera, reverse radar, reverse camera, original / aftermarket camera           

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Product Features:

- support Apple mobile phone wireless
- support Android mobile phone wireless
- support VGA, 360 camera input
- support Apple mobile phone wireless projection technology (mirror LINK)
- support high quality sound quality, EQ adjustment
- support front camera input, rear camera/radar/track display.

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USB HD playback function introduction:

- insert the USB flash drive into the USB port and click the USB icon in the main menu.

- the system will play it automatically.

,apple carplay for maserati,maserati quattroporte apple carplay

Setting function introduction:

- click the settings menu to enter the system settings screen

- the setup menu is described in detail below

- voice input menu: English

- display menu: support for adjusting brightness

- audio menu: You can adjust the system volume

- microphone volume: You can adjust the mic volume

- EQ: The sound mode can be adjusted

- loundness: can turn the bass mode on and off

- rear view camera:

maserati levante android auto,maserati quattroporte android auto

You can switch between the original rear view camera and the carplay box    rear view camera.

- user upgrade: Upgrade the CarPlay system and MCU software

does android auto work with maserati, apple carplay maserati ghibli

Home key function description:

- in the CarPlay menu: Click the Home button to evoke voice
- in other menus of the system: Click the Home button to return to the system main menu

android auto and maserati,maserati ghibli android auto,maserati granturismo android auto

MW steering wheel button function is introduced in the Carplay interface:

Original car button function CarPlay decoder function

- volume is consistent with the original car
- sound input button Long press for 3 seconds to wake up siri
- volume - consistent with the original car

- phone button Same as the original carple carplay in bmw f31,bmw f31 2015 apple carplay

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